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Spotted Gum is a very versatile Timber.

Spotted Gum is a versatile Harwood Timber that can be used in many applications from Heavy Construction to Decking and T&G Flooring. Spotted Gum is Durability Class 2 this makes only suitable for above ground use, with a strength group when first cut of F14. 

PNG Rosewood Timber.

Rosewood is mainly imported from Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands. It is one of the only Timbers that can used in all applications from Veneer, Mouldings, Constructions, Joinery. 

Planner Re Saw Bandsaw.
Cooktown Hardwood, Darwin Stringy, Spotted Gum , Gutta Percha.

We have a Four head Planner and a Six Head Planner. These machines can do the heavy work as well as delicate Furniture Timbers. We have Spindale Moulders and Over Head Router, Re-saw Band Saw, Double Drum Sander and a Slab Leveller.

We have access to many Mills that can supply a varied range of Timbers.

Spotted Gum, Cypress, Blackbutt, Ironbark, Hoop Pine, Queensland Maple, Red Tulip Oak and many more. Do not hesitate in contacting us for any out of the ordinary Timbers.

Kwila Decking.

Kwila is another timber from PNG and the Solomon Islands. It also is Durability Class 2, so can only be used above ground. It is a very attractive Timber with its Deep Rich Red Colour. It is a very stable timber. It's uses are many, Decking, T&G Flooring, Internal Stairs, Handrails. Kwila is also laminated into a number of products including squares sizes 75 x 75, 100 x 100,

115 x 115 140 x 140 190 x 190.   

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